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What to Expect at a Week of Camp

Every camp week is a little different because each manager has their own traditions, but in general here's what you can expect:


Camp check in runs from 2 to 4pm, so please arrive during that time.  Cabin assignments are made during the check-in process; the manager will try to accommodate special assignment requests but it is not always possible.  


After check-in you will have some time to get settled in your cabin and to get to know your cabin mates before the evening meal.   After dinner there are typically some ice breaker activities and an evening worship service.  Weather permitting the day closes with a campfire and a devotional.

Monday — Friday

Our mission is to provide a complete Christian spiritual and social experience for every camper.  To that end a portion of everyday is set aside for Bible study, worship services, praising God in songs and devotions.  We also believe it's important to teach that Christians can have good clean fun, so in addition to the spiritual activities each day will provide an opportunity for numerous activities such as:

  • Sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball etc.)

  • Riding the zip line

  • Climbing on the four sided climbing wall

  • Swimming

  • Swinging on the giant swing

  • Organized activities

  • Hiking

  • Enjoying some free time with your friends


Typically each day will end with a campfire and a devotion and then it's off to your cabin to get rested for another day.  At Fort Hill we enjoy the beauty Gods creation, and it's not unusual for Him to bless us with some precipitation; safety is our utmost concern so activities deemed unsafe will be postponed or canceled.


Saturday morning is devoted to packing up to head back home as well as making sure the camp grounds are cleaned and ready for the next group to enjoy.  Expect some tears on Saturday as the campers say good-bye to their old and new friends alike.  


Campers should be picked up between 9 and 11am Saturday as breakfast is the only meal served.  Campers are discouraged from leaving early because it takes everyone to pitch in on Saturday.

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