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Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Campers

Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp is operated by Christians for the benefit of young people. Camping in a Christian environment is one of the most enjoyable experiences of our earthly stay. To be a pleasant experience for all, all must conform to the rules and regulations which have been formulated by and approved by the Board of Trustees.

1  |  Schedule

The camp schedule issued by the Manager must be followed by all campers. Campers should be prompt and punctual to all events. No one is to be excused from classes.

2  |  Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol

No form of tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol are to be used or kept on camp property.

3  |  Firearms

No firearms or fireworks are permitted on the campgrounds.

4  |  Cleanliness

Cleanliness and respect for grounds and property are expected.

5  |  Sickness

Sickness and accidents must be reported to the nurse immediately. Campers are insured.

6  |  Not To Leave Campgrounds

Campers are not to leave the campgrounds without the permission of the Camp Manager.

7  |  Swimming

Campers are not to go swimming unless a lifeguard is present. Mixed swimming is not permitted.

8  |  Character

A good character must be evidenced at all times.

9  |  Dress

Modest and decent dress is expected at all times.

  1. No skin tight clothing is allowed.

  2. Dresses, skirts, jeans and other type of clothing shall be at least knee length.

  3. Boys shall not remove shirts for recreation periods or at any other time, except in the dressing room or bunk house.

10  |  Relationships

  1. Boys and girls are not permitted to go off by themselves.

  2. Off limit areas are to be observed by both boys and girls.

  3. Proper behavior shall be exhibited at all times.

11  |  Off-limits

The following areas are off limits to campers unless authorized to enter or permitted by the camp schedule: Kitchen, dining hall, swimming area, creek area parked cars, or buildings not in use as a part of the schedule.

12  |  Horseplay

Horseplay in cabins, raiding of other cabins, etc. will not be permitted.

13  |  Cooperation

Everyone is expected to fully cooperate with the Manager and staff. The management reserves the right to send home anyone who willfully disobeys.

14  |  Cabin Awards

Cabins shall be inspected during the morning schedule. Awards will be given for the cleanest cabins each day.

15  |  Mail

Mail will be given out at the dinner hour. Mail to go out should be placed In the box at the Office. Campers are not to take mail directly to the rural delivery box.

16  |  Warning

Throwing campers or staff in the creek or swimming pool is absolutely prohibited.

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