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Dress Code

The guidelines for proper dress at Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp have been revised and updated by the Board of Trustees to promote modesty and to present staff and campers as proper Christian examples to all who come in contact with the camp.  To this end we ask the campers (age 7 and older) and staff to adhere to the following


  • All persons shall wear gender appropriate clothing, except when required for a skit or other limited duration performance.

  • Undergarments must be worn under the clothing and should remain covered when standing, bending, kneeling or sitting – this includes sports bras. 

  • Dresses and skirts must be fingertip length or longer while standing in a full upright position. It is suggested that shorts be worn underneath dresses and skirts.

  • Pajamas and/or slippers are not considered appropriate daytime apparel at camp.

  • White tops, shirts and pants are permitted.  However, you need to be mindful to wear appropriate undergarments that are not visible or of a contrasting color.  

  • Note:  White tops, shirts and pants are not permitted during any mixed camper activities involving water.

  • Clothing must fit and be worn as designed. No sagging pants, no exposure of undergarments.

  • Clothing promoting alcohol use, drug use, tobacco use, or gangs are not permitted.  All clothing should also be free of words that are contrary to Christian principles (i.e. lewd comments, sexual innuendo or disparaging remarks).

  • Footwear should always be worn.  Closed toe shoes will be required for some activities.

Pants & Shorts

  • Leggings can be worn, but only with a top that extends finger length or longer.

  • Shorts must be fingertip length or longer while standing in full upright position.

  • Restraint should be exercised when wearing jeans or shorts with holes.

Shirts & Tops

  • The neckline of all t-shirts/tops must be high enough to show no cleavage.  A guideline to use is the “four finger rule”. (Hold your hand sideways with the fingers together at the base of the neck.  The neck of the top should not be lower than your pinky finger.)

  • Halter tops, tops with spaghetti straps or backless shirts/tops are not permitted.

  • The torso must be appropriately covered – no bare midriff (so, no cut off t-shirts or going shirtless).

Pool Attire

  • Cover ups are to be worn going to and from the pool.

  • Girls: One-piece bathing suits are preferred – no bikinis. Modest 2-piece suits will be permitted.

  • Boys: No speedos or wearing underwear in lieu of swimming trunks.

Persons who deviate from these guidelines will be asked by the manager or his designee to change into more appropriate clothing.  The camp manager and/or his designee shall have the final say when determining dress code violations.


Revised: 12/7/2019

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