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Nestled in the hills of southern Ohio, Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp is a wonderful place to learn about God and His Word. Since its inception in 1949, the camp has enabled thousands of teens and young children to grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

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Private retreats are subject to availability and must be aligned with the guiding principles of Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp as determined by the board of trustees.

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Fort Hill is available for private retreats and congregational outings, and three weeks are set aside each summer for band camps. However, the primary focus of the Fort Hill experience will always be on the spiritual development of youth.


The camp is governed and operated by Christian men and women. Bible classes, devotionals, special speakers, and the opportunity to share life's victories and difficulties with fellow Christians all contribute to making Fort Hill a very special place.


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Fort Hill Location

13500 Fort Hill Rd, Hillsboro, OH 45133

The main entrance to the gate is located at approx.
Lat/Long 39.125778, -83.398972 (decimal) or 39° 7' 32.8", -83° 23' 56.3" (degrees, minutes, seconds)

Rent Fort Hill

Why a "Christian Youth Camp"?

Illegal drugs, pornography, illicit sex, street gangs, children having children, child abuse, domestic violence, murder, school shootings, suicide — these frightening realities confront the young people of America today. Many teens have no moral and spiritual compass, and even the children of Christian parents stray from their spiritual moorings on occasion.


A Christian youth camp can play an important role in reinforcing the efforts of parents and congregations of the Lord’s body. In fact, studies have shown that camps like Fort Hill have a profound effect on the faith of young people. The Fort Hill experience fosters lifelong friendships and memories, as well as Christian values. It affords youth the opportunity to have fun while developing meaningful relationships and learning God’s Word. 

Article II of the Camp Constitution


Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp, in its endeavor to help toward an understanding of God's word, to help train for Christian work and to aid in developing Christian character, shall make the Bible its chief textbook, arrange all its courses of study, and conduct its work in harmony with the spirit and letter of the Word of God. To this end, every trustee, teacher, or other workers (except hired help - cooks, carpenters, etc.) must be a member of the Church of Christ (undenominational) and must believe, without mental reservation, that the Bible is the full and final revelation of God to man; and therefore, the all sufficient rule of faith and practice; in the deity and supreme authority of Christ; obedience to the gospel; and the edification of the church. Believing that such a faith, and a church with a program in harmony with this faith are essential to the salvation of the world, the Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp shall help prepare them to be effective servants of Christ.

Article II shall never be changed or amended (except as to the name of the camp).

A Closer Look at Fort Hill Camp

The 100 acre campsite is located about seventeen miles southeast of Hillsboro, Ohio. It’s facilities include a spacious dining hall and kitchen, administrative building, assembly hall, six pavilions, two shower facilities, and ten 20-bed cabins. In addition to a 68,000 gallon swimming pool, oversized football/soccer field, and basketball & volleyball courts, the adjoining thousand-acre state park offers picnic areas, a softball diamond, and numerous hiking trails up and around Fort Hill itself. The camp is an ideal place for outdoor education and band camps.


The regular camping season — from June through August — is intended for campers aged 7-19 years old. Several weekend retreats — especially designed for men, women, singles, teens, and senior citizens — occur in the Winter, Spring and Autumn.

Fort Hill camp is for people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds. Adult activities are frequently scheduled. No one will be denied admission to Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp, or to the benefits of our USDA Child Nutrition Program, because of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age.

Thanks to private donations and fund-raising activities, the cost of a week’s stay is very inexpensive compared to other, similar camps. However, a limited number of scholarships are available. What to bring, arrival and departure times, and camp rules and regulations are but a few of the items discussed in an information sheet which will be sent out to camp registrants.

An excellent staff of teachers and counselors work under the oversight of a camp director. Other staff include a camp nurse, athletic director, Bible teachers, a night watchman, and two permanent certified lifeguards. A well-trained staff assures safe and healthy conditions, as well as activities to develop young people physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Recreational and developmental activities include swimming, hiking, games, crafts, talent contests, softball, volleyball, tetherball, and various other sports. Daily Bible classes, a chapel service, singing, guest speakers and evening devotionals round out the daily schedule at Fort Hill. 

Article II of the Camp Constitution
Why a "Christian Youth Camp"?
A Closer Look at Fort Hill Camp
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